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Joy Giordano Freelance Writing & Consulting

   Helping organizations produce clear, effective communications

Is your company long on technical talent, but short on staff who can clearly voice your key messages?

Freelance writing and consulting services might be just the answer. 

You’ve got a proposal to write, a product fact sheet to develop, a website to update, AND a critical deliverable due next week. Your staff are busy developing and delivering client products and services, and you’re struggling to finish everything on your plate. Even if you work 24/7 and bring your staff in after hours to help, odds are good that you can’t deliver the quality deliverables your clients and prospective clients need to see.

It’s not lack of effort that’s holding you back.   If you’re like most managers in the government, financial, and IT areas, you work hard,  and you work long hours. You face a number of challenges like:

  • tight deadlines
  • shortages of qualified staff
  • need for more subject matter expertise

You wish you could clone yourself - or better yet, get just the skills you need for a specific project when you need them. You need someone who can get up to speed quickly on what needs to be done, do the work without constant hand-holding, and deliver a quality product on time within your budget. You don’t have time to spend on a detailed review or rewrite.

But your company doesn’t have anyone available to pitch in for short-term project needs.

Communication skills are just an item on your annual performance review. Other than the corporate marketing and communications department or agency PR office, the emphasis is on technical and management skills and maybe business development. Even if you could get them to help, the corporate communications staff don’t get  it. They don’t understand your clients, your technical issues, your deliverables, or what works in your project environment.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Joy Giordano, and I can help you meet your needs for quick, clear, and effective writing. With over 25 years as a consultant and writer, I offer:

  • A technical background and extensive experience in accounting, finance, IT, and government that allows me to get up to speed quickly on your business requirements
  • A flexible schedule for short or long term project needs - you pay only for services you need with no overhead
  • Quick, effective, professional copy to make your message clear and understandable

I invite you to take a look around my website for more information about me and how I’ve helped organizations like yours.  You won’t find lots of fancy flash animation, pop-ups, or hype. I don’t work that way. Instead, you’ll find straightforward information and samples of my work.

Learn something about others I’ve helped find the right voice. Whether it’s a proposal that’s due next Tuesday, a client deliverable that can’t seem to get off the ground, a new corporate brochure or product fact sheet, or a strategic plan that needs some strategic thinking, I can help. Click on the link below to see how other organizations have benefitted from my services.

Learn more about who I work with, and meet some of my clients.

Thanks for reading. 


And if you take nothing else away with you today, remember this:

“Kindness can build on itself as much violence can.
Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”
                                                                                - A. Herbert




Joy Giordano


“Joy is an incredible writer.  She is adept at creating detailed, understandable, client-oriented documents from concept to completion in a very limited amount of time.  She took the lead on four of our key client deliverables over a critical ten-month timeframe, and continues to play a key role in completing project deliverables today.  We could never have gotten our Concept of Operations completed on time and with any meaning without Joy.  Her writing skills, combined with her financial systems expertise, provide her with a solid background for writing analytical documents.  Furthermore, her very strong analytical skills allow her to develop documents with little to no guidance from others.  I would certainly recommend her services to other consulting companies and government agencies (but we get first dibs!)."

 Karen Baczynski McGee
Vice President
The MIL Corporation
Bowie, Maryland

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If you have any questions or would like to speak me about how I can help your organization, please contact me directly.


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