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Work Samples

A good portion of my work involves proposals, reports, and internal company and government documents that I am not able to share.  I’ve included portions of my portfolio that are available for public view below.  Click on the individual boxes to view full page displays of my samples.

Take a look at those that interest you, particularly any products that might be similar to your own needs.  And feel free to contact me for more information or additional details about these and other projects.

Samples included in the portfolio include:

Web Design

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Case study

CGI Group, Inc.

CGI requested this case study to showcase a successful systems project.  They post case studies on their website and distribute them at conferences and briefings. 

The case studies focus on how they help their clients achieve their goals rather than providing a step-by-step description of what their project teams did.  Clients review and approve the case studies before they are made available for public distribution.

To prepare this case study, I interviewed members of the project team and reviewed  information about the project and the client, GSA.  We discussed up front the key points that I would incorporate into the case study, so that I could target the information gathering and writing toward the desired messaging.

GSA Case Study page 1


Corporate brochure

The MIL Corporation

The MIL Corporation started out as a small business specializing in federal government services.  As the company grew larger, they wanted to develop a consistent look and feel for their marketing efforts, including the corporate website and print collateral.

MIL hired me to provide copy for a new corporate brochure.  Their PR firm provided a layout and approximate word counts for each of the eight pages in the brochure. Within this framework, I initially developed the focus and content for each page.  I then produced copy by page and section for incorporation into the finished product. 

MIL provides the brochure to clients, prospective clients, recruits, industry analysts, and others seeking general information about the company.

MIL front cover
Front cover


MIL inside page 1
Inside page 1


MIL inside page 3
Inside page 2


MIL inside page 3
Inside page 3


MIL inside page 5
Inside page 4


MIL inside page 6
Inside page 5


MIL inside page 6
Inside page 6


MIL back cover
Back cover



 This interview with Dynimus’ President, Nathan Teegarden, appears on the Dynimus website.  Dynimus originally hired me to develop web content for portions of their new site, focusing specifically on the Dynimus team and biographies of their key staff. 

Using information they provided, I drafted initial versions of their bios for review.  But they wanted something a little different, not just the usual “corporate-speak.”  I suggested we use a question-and-answer format that would allow their individual personalities to come through more clearly.

I prepared a set of questions for each partner, and conducted one-on-one interviews to gather additional information.  I then created the bios using a Q&A format.  I also created professional curriculum vitaes for their readers who needed a more formal source of their qualifications.

Interview with Nathan Teegarden

Technology Spotlight
(mini white paper)

CGI Group, Inc.

As part of their thought leadership role within the federal government marketplace, CGI authored an article on uses of XBRL in the U.S. federal government environment.  The article was scheduled to appear in an upcoming trade journal, and CGI needed additional content for their website to provide more information for readers of the trade journal.

I worked with the CGI subject matter expert and author of the article to develop the content and organization of the technology spotlight page for the CGI website.  Using discussions, research, and existing articles and information, I developed the copy for the website, along with suggested uses of graphics and illustrations.  This project required quick turnaround so that it could move through the corporate review process and be posted to the website by the time the article appeared.  Working in conjunction with the client, I completed this project in under two weeks.

Technology Spotlight on XBRL


Kenny Giordano

In the interest of full disclosure, Kenny Giordano is my husband.  He is also an entertainer and performing artist who released his first album in early 2006.  I provided the copy for his press releases, brochures, liner notes, website, and other collateral, including the sample bio I’ve included here.  Check out more of my copy (or his music) at

Kenny bio

Software product brochure

CGI Group, Inc.

As part of updating a variety of marketing collateral, I worked with CGI to create an updated version of this one-page fact sheet on one of their software products - Momentum.  They initially distributed the printed fact sheet at a professional conference and will make copies available to prospective buyers at presentations, conferences, and meetings.  In addition, a .pdf version of the brochure is posted on the CGI website.

In addition to the Momentum at-a-glance brochure, I worked with CGI to create or update five additional pieces of marketing and thought leadership collateral.

CGI Momentum front side
Front side




Back side

Website FAQ

USA Talent Agency

USA Talent Agency is a division of Albrecht Entertainment Service, a talent agency providing a variety of musical and other types of entertainment for occasions of all kinds. To broaden their reach across the U.S., the Agency wanted to develop a website that showcased the breadth and depth of their services and provided suggestions to people struggling with ideas and budgets for parties and events. I worked with the owner and a web developer to create the organization and content for over 40 web pages, most of which were lists and bullet points. The FAQ page, though, provides a more complete writing sample.


Wedding Ceremony

Associated Ministers

Associated Ministers, a network of ordained clergypersons and ministers, provides licensed and/or ordained ministers in a variety of religious denominations (and no particular denomination) for personalized services to suit their clients’ needs.  Born out of empathy for couples wishing for  wedding ceremonies in the context of their faith traditions, the service began informally by identifying and keeping in touch with ministers who were willing to help such couples. Over the years, the network became more formally established. I worked with Associated Ministers to develop content for many of their web pages and wedding ceremony templates, including Wedding Ceremony 7, which can be accessed through the link at right, then select Wedding Ceremony 7 on the templates page.

wedding bouquet

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