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Professionalism.  Experience.  Flexibility.  Maturity.  Knowledge. 

These are some of the words my clients use to describe what it’s like to work with me.

I ask for feedback from every client to learn what’s working and how I could do even better next time.  You might have noticed their comments on other pages of the website.  This page consolidates those recent quotes, along with others I’ve received over the years. 

Scroll down to read what others have to say about my work, or click on one of the links below for a specific project or industry.

My agreements with some my clients prohibit public use of their names in my own advertising. Others allow me to disclose only very general information about my work. Please contact me if you’re interested in more detailed information or if you’d like to speak directly with a client about their experiences.

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"Joy is an incredible writer.  She is adept at creating detailed, understandable, client-oriented documents from concept to completion in a very limited amount of time.  She took the lead on four of our key client deliverables over a critical ten-month timeframe, and continues to play a key role in completing project deliverables today.  We could never have gotten our Concept of Operations completed on time and with any meaning without Joy.  Her writing skills, combined with her financial systems expertise, provide her with a solid background for writing analytical documents.  Furthermore, her very strong analytical skills allow her to develop documents with little to no guidance from others.  I would certainly recommend her services to other consulting companies and government agencies (but we get first dibs!)."

Karen Baczynski McGee
Vice President, The MIL Corporation
Bowie, Maryland


“Joy’s greatest strength is an innate ability to write well.  She combines that with a strong understanding of the world of business and excellent listening skills.  To develop biographies for our new website, Joy interviewed our partners and made what they said come alive on paper.”

Nathan Teegarden
President and Consultant, Dynimus Corporation
Denver, Colorado


“I have worked closely with Joy for over fifteen years as a manager and colleague.  Over a 35-year career in consulting and public service I have managed and worked with hundreds of professionals.  She is at the very top of my list.  She has a brilliant, quick mind and is a true leader.  Her analytic, interpersonal, writing, organizational, and oral skills are unparalleled.”  

Robert A. Freeman
Vice President (retired), AMS (now CGI)
Fairfax, Virginia

More from Bob


“I thought the new [corporate] brochure was great.  When I was reading it, I was actually enjoying what I was reading and wanted to read it instead of just thinking ‘blah, blah’ like you do with most brochures.” 

Linda Glasco
Executive Vice President, The MIL Corporation
Bowie, Maryland

To see the brochure, click on this link: 

Joy worked with us to prepare a large, multi-part proposal to a federal agency.  Her participation allowed me and others on the team to focus on collecting appropriate information rather than worrying about how we are would put the information in the proposal.  Her strong knowledge of the proposal development process allowed her to grasp what needed to be done and start work very quickly.  She has a knack for taking random pieces of information and organizing them in a meaningful way into a cohesive document.  Because of Joy’s services, we were able to create our portion of the proposal relatively quickly.  It went to through the least amount of changes during our internal review process.

Not only does Joy provide excellent writing services, she demonstrated excellent communication with us throughout the process.  She kept us in the loop about her schedule and other commitments and was able to work around them to meet our schedule.  She was committed to getting the assignment done properly and on time and, in fact, did so.  She demonstrated excellent knowledge of office tools such as Microsoft Word and was able to provide additional comments and suggestions on the document beyond the minimum we requested of her.  I would absolutely recommend Joy’s services to other companies and government agencies.”

Keyur Patel
Director Consulting
CGI Federal
Fairfax, Virginia

“Joy worked seamlessly with the team as a trusted advisor from 1500 miles away.  She used her prior consulting experience and understanding of the prospective client’s needs to help effectively integrate our subject matter experts’ domain knowledge and expertise into the proposal.”

Steve Averbach
Principal & Employee Relations Manager, Civil Sector; SRA International
Arlington, Virginia


“Joy was a big part of the overall success of RFMS, starting with her leadership and superb writing and editing skills in putting together the ‘Requirements Analysis’ Document. Over the past eight years it has always been a pleasure working with Joy.”

Alan Evans
Director, Financial Management Services Division, Department of State Office of the Comptroller
Arlington, Virginia

Joy is the first person I call on when I have any writing to do.  She makes my bungled drafts sing.  Not only that, her tactful, polished writing saved me a key client just last week after things had gone wrong.  Her letters and brochures have increased response rates to my mailings at least 10%, and revenues have gone up accordingly!”

Kenny Giordano
Owner & President, Albrecht Entertainment Service
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Articulating thoughts verbally and in writing comes easily to Joy.  She is great at uncovering pieces of information or facts related to topics of interest and figuring out complex situations and problems.”

Janice Cipoletti
formerly Human Resources, Quantum
Colorado Springs, Colorado


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